Marketing Leadership & Consulting Services

Inkberry Marketing LLC provides strategic consulting and fractional leadership services that drive your company’s growth and transformation by bringing a business mindset to marketing & product management.

Inkberry Marketing guides B2B organizations who want to change their growth curve, enter a new market, launch a new product/service, or refine their go-to-market strategy.
We specialize in bringing a market-driven approach to your business. What does the market need and value? Inkberry Marketing helps your organization ensure its commercial, marketing and product strategies are delivering on those needs.
Inkberry doesn’t just create strategies, we implement them. We get it done.



Strategic Approach

We engaged Lisa to be an outsourced Vice President of Marketing to support the organization during a transitional time. She jumped seamlessly into the role and immediately became a valuable part of the marketing and leadership teams.  Lisa was able to swiftly provide direction and stability for our marketing team as well as lead the organization to a successful execution of its premier trade show.  Lisa’s strategic approach, ability to determine and stay focused on what is important, and collaborative style helped the company not only bridge a transitional time, but to thrive while doing it. 

Pamela Piro President & CEO, Unitec

A Winning Strategy

Lisa and I partnered to develop go-to-market strategies for each of our target markets, developing a comprehensive commercial strategy to achieve business objectives of revenue, profit and buyers.  Lisa provided a strategic viewpoint of the market and trends, helped position the organization through messaging and marketing, and developed partnerships with key manufacturers to amplify our efforts.  

Lisa was a great asset, understanding both how to develop a winning strategy and how to ensure its execution. 

Mary Beth Smith, Vice President of Sales, TESSCO Technologies

Focus on Market Needs

Lisa worked with DRB to develop service ideas into a defined offer.  She led many aspects of the commercialization process including primary and secondary market research; product definition, positioning and pricing; marketing launch and sales training. Lisa’s strategic capabilities, collaborative approach, and focus on market needs helped us launch a successful, unique service. 

Jeremy Hull, Senior Vice President of Operations, DRB